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February 27th, 2008

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03:22 pm - Interviews
Posted for my mom. She has an LJ, just never uses it.

Hi, I'm tv_elf's Mom and I'm writing an article for Quest (MDA's magazine) on what, for lack of a better term, I'm calling sensory deprivation.  Have you ever noticed how many articles there are about caregiver burnout, but nothing about what happens to the care receiver when the care giver doesn't acknowledge that you are a real person. I'd appreciate responses on one or both of the questions below--soon--my deadline is Monday.  Thanks! 
1. Sensory deprivation, for this article, is a lack of  the great emotional feelings you get when someone hugs you, holds you hand, gently brushes your hair, etc. Sometimes someone takes care of your physical needs, but it is perfunctory and feels like they'd rather not.It may make you feel a bit like a burden, maybe unloveable and at some level you just wish they would treat you as if they actually see you--not just a series of chores to be done.  (P.S. for adults that can include sexual relations) Tell me a bit about your experience and what--if anything--you did about it.
2. Because of the severity of your disability, you might not remember the last time you felt the grass, enjoyed being in a pool or lake, experienced the thrill of sliding down a sliding board, or riding a ride at  theme park. Have you (or your caregiver) done anything to help you enjoy the sensory experiences in the world?
Please be sure to include your name, where you live, diagnosis, age, and whether you have a picture you could send in.
Thanks so very much!
Donna A.

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